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Good morning again.  Any of you smart enough to be reading my blog should check out my book web site.   2030newworld.com     You will find it interesting.  Do any of you democrats have an ounce of brains?  Don’t get me wrong, about half the Republicans are just as dumb as you are.  As I have stated previously, I am not going to be nice with my language.  I am though with trying to be nice to you idiots, you don’t listen anyways.  I won’t say completely what’s on my mind, that might get me in trouble.  But I will come close.   Why do you dumb asses feel obligated to follow that incompetent clown that currently  occupies  the White House off the cliff to oblivion.  He and his union thugs are destroying this great country and you idiots are cheering him along all the way.  When is enough, enough.  You democrats are so damn stupid, it would be nice if you all just dried up and a nice wind come along and blow you all away.

Why did Mr. Numb Nuts come up with yet another budget?  Which by the way, is not a budget at all.  It was just a campaign  speech  attacking the people that are the job creators.  Congressman Paul Ryan had the guts and fortitude to come out with a comprehensive budget for 2012.  A real plan that starts to address our governments out of control spending and a raising national debt that left unchecked will break this country.

Obama is nothing more than a lying piece of shit.  Actually I should take that back.  I don’t want to give shit a bad name.  If you people out there want to find someone to blame for the outrageous gasoline prices, look no father than the asshole in the White House.  He is directly responsible.  One last statement, all you union members and supporters go to hell.  You along with Mr. Asshole are helping to destroy this country.

One last closing statement, you can take multi-cultural diversity and political correctness and shove it up someone’s ass…..and you know who I would suggest…..


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